Reading Rhythms Club

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Reading Rhythms Club is an experimental reading group. We read in the rain/ in unison/ over each other/ by whispering/ slowly/ you name it! All depending on the text and genre, from poetry to feminist sci-fi to album readings, all frequencies are accepted here. Originally Reading Rhythms Club was started by a group of friends in Willem de Kooning Academy during covid.

Now, having shed its sedentary lifestyle along with its pastel skin, the Reading Rhythms Club became neon and nomadic. If you're lucky and have eager ears for literary rhythms you can encounter it in gardens, in cultural spaces, on park benches, and in other places in the streets and dwellings of Rotterdam. For each session we will be conspiring together with invited guests who promise to stir up layers of fertile debris from the depths of our collective consciousness.

As a commemoration of leaving the confines of the Willem de Kooning Academie, we made a zine. The zine contains excerpts of the texts we read together, some of the reading methods we experimented with, and an intimate description of our Yuletide Reading Rhythms Club.

f3. Illustration courtesy of Nóra Békés

Reading Rhythms Club has been started by Julia Wilhelm, Senka Milutinović, Julliette Doet and Carla Arcos. The text on this page is a mix of text written by Julia Wilhem and myself. Although I am responsibile for the visual identity of RRC, for each session we collaborate with our conspirators to arrive towards a new design together.