Nightly Manifesto

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Nightly manifesto is comprised of two humans trying to learn with, grow with, inform with a variety of voices. something dug up. Embodied knowledge? something brought up. Unheard Research? something nurtured. Thoughtful growth? Tackling bias? We think through talking and seek to reimagine the status quo. With room for error of course.

Nightly Manifesto is an ongoing research podcast started by Keö & Senka and currently lead by Julia & Senka. Sometimes fictitious, most often factual, the show tries to dissect and understand the complexities of critical matters through talking and sharing relating sounds. It delves into the meanings and origins of things with less focus on bearing answers, more on proposing questions.
Leading up to a show, we collage research along with personal experience. During the episode we stir all of this up by thinking through talking with each other and invited guests.

The array of subjects we deal with almost always have socio-political roots or traces of them. In the research ventures so far, the show has covered themes such as home; an umbrella topic for diving into queer homelessness, gentrification and squatting as well as sharing personal conceptions of what home is and what it could be. Other episodes follow the route of a more speculative approach of exploring episode matter, such as 'Queer Time' which unravelled fictional characters that experience queer time.
There are some reappearing shows, like 'Tonight, An Actual Manifesto' where we dig into a selected manifesto and unpack segments of it, and 'Subterranean Sounds' (often presented under different names) in which we share underground gems of music and sound with you and each other. More often than not, the show gives room to voices besides our own. A variety of different topics are brought to light by the guest while Julia & Senka try to wrap their heads around the implications. The essence of vulnerability is present throughout, making the show a genuine attempt at learning and unlearning along with the audience.

f1. Photo courtesy of Maja Simišić
f3. Photo courtesy of Povis
f4. Photo courtesy of Yusser Salih

Because of Julia & Senka's shared fascination for fictitious realities, Nightly Manifesto will have occasional surprise shows during which we will invite you to join us on imaginative journeys. Expect thrilling stories about power-hungry xanthophobic parties and dangerous lists of the latest insurrectionary words.