Milky Way and Seereal Aliens

Milky way and Seereal Aliens is a collaborative packaging design project made with Nil Malbaša. Consisting of a packaging for milk and cereal that is lactose free, the whole world building of the packaging revolved around the idea that these products were imported from outer space.

This idea came about because the area it was produced in was fairly lacking in products that were suited for lactose intolerant people, alienating them from parts of the supermarket and family dinners. Because of that Milky way and Seereal Aliens is also a commentary on how mild differences in people are perceived.

The packaging for Milky way was designed to resemble a rocketship that transports lactose free milk to earth from a faraway planet. There are 5 distinct versions: regular milk, chocolate milk, strawberry yogurt and juniour vanilla and chocolate milk