Memefluence was an AR exhibition about the political influence of memes, done through the case of the meme Pepe the Frog. The visitors of the exihibition interacted with the meme paintings and sculpture using an AR app that displayes the linear history of the given meme. From the appropriation of the alt-right to the reappropriation of Hong Kong protestors, the associations of Pepe at the time were almost entirely political. And the exhibition was created to show the mechanisms of how a silly low-res image that circulates the internet can be used as a political vehicle of recognition.

After the exhibiton, a workshop about retaking Pepe to spread different messages was held. This project was realized in collaboration with Kendal Beynon and Chris Bart. Kendal Beynon was the creative lead of the visual identity, Christ Bart on the AR development, and I on the research and narrative of the installation, as well as the production of the meme artefacts (paintings and sculpture).

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This exhibition was built on the basis of the research I have conducted on Pepe. As a method of expressing my findings, I created a "memefied" visual essay that expands on Pepe's past, present and future. "The Political Influence of Memes: Pepe Case Study" was later featured in "Research for People who (Think They) Would Rather Create" version 1.0 and 1.1.