Belgrade Burek in the Tram no2 Circle

"Belgrade Burek in the No 2 Tram Circle" is a collection of souvenir products which won the 2nd award in the international contest "New Štrafta" and was exhibited in "Beoizlog" (the official shop of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade). The first part of the project included only notebooks shaped like the famous Serbian pie called "burek".

Each notebook represented a different kind of burek, filled with: apples, cheese, meat and one without filling. The map displayed on the notebook's top is a map of the area inside the line of the number 2 tram, which is a famous Belgrade tram line.

Inside the circle of the no 2 tram line are famous Serbian landmarks such as the sculpture of the Victor, the Vuk monument, Belgrade palace and the prince Mihailo monument. The motifs displayed on the notebooks were later put on a series of other products such as mugs, tote bags, T-shirts and regular rectangular notebooks.