Balkan Futurism: Stay (a)stray

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The following story is a queer immigrant return to the Balkans, specifically Belgrade. It centres around the future of this already kafkaesque landscape in a scenario of accelerating the current divisions in land segregation. Stay (a)stray is also meant to record the myths of the land and it's idealized history and concrete ideology.
Because it is a non-linear story you will have the option of choosing your route.

Stay (a)stray is a hybrid publication that has a physical map of sonic fiction easter eggs to help navigate through the story. These sonic pieces have been colleted from various artists from the region in an attempt to archive these voices.
Infinite thanks Maja Simišić for her work as Spamantha Bones, Nil Malbaša for field recordings, Azza & Kapale for his life-sustaining songs and Nemanja Jojić for creative feedback.

The pattern of how a doily is knitted was something I noticed first in the way the non-linear story I was formed. As it's a visual signifier always present in Balkans homes I wanted to implement it as infrastucture, which translated into a doily grid.